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Introduction to the Anvil and a recap of some recent riverboarding highlights from Asia

I'm Josh Galt, one of Fluid's team riverboarders - here's a short introduction and what's been happening with me and riverboarding in Asia

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South Silver in March

South Silver may be the steepest run in California, dropping a whopping 628ft. in the single mile that is boated. I have lived a mere 30 miles from this creek for the past 7 years, but either a lack of skill, confidence, or time kept me from sliding down what can easily be described as a kayakers...

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Grand Canyon Magic

Waking up at Lees Ferry, the put in for the Grand Canyon, on the first morning of our trip, I pushed my hand against the wall of the tent to break the ice which had formed on the outside. Not feeling very motivated to get up and pack all the equipment into my Fluid Big Bang kayak I rolled over for...

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Unthawing the Post Winter Stoke!

In the Mid-Atlantic, we have had a harsh winter filled with cold temperatures, lots of snow, and frozen rivers. With ski resorts across the region sporting deeper bases than most areas in the Rockies, there hasn't been much paddling to do. However, on February 21rst, there was a major warmup with...

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Tobin in January?? by Ian Janoska

A record high drought has plagued the state of California, and that has put a large damper on my boating. I have spent the days looking at kayaking videos, paddling in the pond on my campus and dreaming of kayaking. One day towards the end of January, when all hope seemed lost, I got a text from my...

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Mexico - A refreshing, low stress break.

There is nothing better than a month of kayaking where all you have to think about is with whom and where you want to paddle to refuel and refresh. Now that I am back to the teaching and research grind, I realize how important my kayaking breaks are where I can just ignore all of those grant...

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Photo by John Blyth

WWGP application videos

Natalie and I both applied to the Whitewater Grand Prix in Quebec for 2014, and the wildcard spots have recently been announced. We're both on the alternates list; me as the 5th alternate in men's, and Natalie as the 2nd alternate in women's. We're stoked to be so close to getting in, especially...

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Living in paddlers paradise - one year in the alps

It is just over one year ago. I was in Cape Town, South Africa for an internship and got my approval to study Sports-Management-Media in Salzburg, Austria…– Wow – I will study in the Alps, in the paradise of whitewater paddling in central Europe... Amazing! At the beginning of October it became...

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Kicking Off The New Year With A West Virginia Classic!

It has been a cold start to winter in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. We've had lots of snow and the ski resorts have been open since Thanksgiving, which rarely ever happens! Just before the New Year, we had a short warm spell with some rain that brought the rivers up. On New Years Day with so...

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Fall In California! by Ian Janoska

It has been a rough year. A year of drought led to a less than ideal water conditions, which for a kayaker means there was a very little window to run good class IV/V. Trips were planned, dates were set, and everything looked like it would work out; but at the start of June, something unexpected...

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