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Great Falls

Great Falls Race and River & Trail Demo Day

The dog days of summer are in full force in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US. With the low water levels, there are still quite a few places to go to have a good time on whitewater. The Potomac River has several sections of ranging from Class 2 to Class 5+ to entertain paddlers when the water gets...

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Spring Update 2014

This year has flown by. It has been GREAT. I have managed to paddle a bunch of new river which is one of the most exciting thing about kayaking for me. After a trip to Costa Rica to hang out at the Yoga Farm, it was more like a surf farm for me. I headed back to the USA and moved to Philadelphia,...

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Natalie homestake

Colorado Race Scene

Conor Flynn checks in with this report on a couple Colorado races: June in Colorado means High Water! I recently got to compete in the Go Pro Mountain Games Homestake Steep Creek Race and the Fibark Pine Creek Race. Both of these were running at high levels this year. Natalie on Homestake creek Todd...

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Dispelling Three Popular Myths about the Slave River

Leif and I love to talk about the Slave River. If you haven't heard us extol its virtues you just haven't spent enough time with us. In fact, we talk about it so often that I am sure everyone now thinks, "oh boy here come Leif and Natalie, they are probably going to try and convince me to come...

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Passing on the Stoke to the Next Generation: Red Creek by The Dogg

One of the most rewarding things that an experienced paddler can do is pass along the love of a new run to the next generation. I have had the opportunity to do this a lot lately since my stepson, Bailey Masters, and Fluid team paddler, Ocoee Chapelle, have stepped up their creeking games and...

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Natalie on Gladiator

Whitewater Grand Prix 2014

The Whitewater Grand Prix has been called the most prestigious kayak event in the world. It's a series of six events over the course of two weeks, with each event testing a different facet of kayaking. Half the events were freestyle events on the biggest waves in the world, half the events were...

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Floods, life and getting back on track.

It has been a rather exceptionally long time since I posted on here, so too recap. 2012 was the flood year for us here at the Blyde Adventure Camp, we had our annual rainfall plus a little bit in roughly a day so the camp and our lives went from this... . To this in 1 day. The rest of 2012 was spent...

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Vallecito...the Best Mile of Kayaking in Colorado!!!

The original guide book to Colorado paddling was created by Gordon Banks and Dave Eckart and in the Durango section it claims that Vallecito is the best 1 mile of kayaking in Colorado. I'm not sure if this is correct or not but every time I paddle it, I think of that statement. And you know...

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Gnar Canyon

Enter the Incommapleux

This has been a write up I’ve been wanting to do for a little while, and now, with Carl Jack’s edit to accompany it, it might just be the time…  I have never been much of an expedition boater. A lot of my boating in the past has been focused on freestyle and my personal progression. Of course there...

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Introduction to the Anvil and a recap of some recent riverboarding highlights from Asia

I'm Josh Galt, one of Fluid's team riverboarders - here's a short introduction and what's been happening with me and riverboarding in Asia

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