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Hole Brothers

Playboating, eh? Canada trip to the Ottawa and Montreal

At the end of this summer, right before I had to head back to school and be something like responsible, my friend Jack Carter and I made a trip north to find some sweet waves and holes to surf. It was a quick trip but a really fun one. We paddled all day for many days in row til we could hardly...

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North Stein - BC Multiday Waterfall Run

The north stein is somewhat of BC epic. With around 14km of bc bushwacking and high alpine portaging in some of the most remote BC backcountry. However... The North Stein's 1.5km of whitewater is worth every step, delivering you into the upper raches of the normal Stein fly-in run, taking a total of...

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Gauley Fest 2011

Most likely if you are a boater you have heard of Gauley Fest, boasting the title of the largest river festival in the world. Known for it's big water, big carnage, and big parties, Gauley Fest also serves as American Whitewater's largest fundraiser with all the proceeds from the festival going...

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World Championships and Europe Trip Wrap-up. Fluid takes 4th place in C-1!

I realize this is overdue but I was trying to put up my post and video from the trip together but my computer crashed and I still need to get a new video editing program for my new computer so I'm going to post the video later, as soon as I have it done. So here's what I have for now :) The 2011...

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Doring_24_25_26_June_2011_002_E1 copy

Doring River – 3 Days of Awesomeness

In 2008 I paddled the Doring for the first time. It was an excellent trip which I did alone and could not wait to return for more as soon as possible. 2009 rolled by and so did 2010. Yep, a lot of sorry excuses and lack of people to get together but also the 2010 season never produced the goods...

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good times, good people and great MoustASHing

MoustASH Festival 2011

For the last couple of years, when our winter is in full swing South African kayakers head down to the Ash River (the only guaranteed water in the country) for the coldest kayaking event in the country. The 2011 version hosted as always Whitewater Training was dubbed “The MoustAsh Festival” with...

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Susna 1

Northern Norway

For the second summer in a row I took the long drive North to up near the polar circle to enjoy rivers of Northern Norway. From Voss this is a long day in the car but certainly achievable with good friends in tow. More and more paddlers are getting into their cars and driving to this incredible...

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Alsek River thru Turnback Canyon

As the summer comes to an end and the mornings start getting that fall smell, I've been thinking about where I was last fall, all that's happened since then, getting very nostalgic and philosophical. In that vein, thought I'd toss up some pics of my big fall mission from last year, the Alsek River....

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Fluid's new creekboat in the making! Bazooka testing in France

The month of August is traditionnally dedicated to holidays in western Europe. Millions of tourists gather on the shores of the Mediterranean sea with a schedule mostly centered around « farniente » : quite litterally, « do nothing ». August is usually very quiet for kayakers too – simply because...

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The rain on the way to the festival.

The Gravity Fest 2011

With the unseasonably dry West Cape winter the Gravity Fest was an awesome opportunity to get back into my kayak. Despite recovering from excessive varsity work, very poor fitness and recurring back/shoulder problems I decided to hit it hard and put in some effort in the kayaking events. Expecting...

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