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The scene

Best. Wedding. Ever!

So, Leif and I got hitched May 28th on the Klamath River in Orleans, CA ... and Fluid had a big presence. Of course, the whole weekend was an epic. I would expect nothing less. Two days before the wedding Leif and I decided to run crapo creek, which lived up to its name. Due to an infestation of...

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Zandvlei_28_August_2010_016_E1_CR copy

Fluid Buddy – Recreational Sit On Top Kayak

Fluid are known for their whitewater kayaks throughout the world as an industry leader. But their recreational range is something fairly unknown to most whitewater boaters. As winter came to an end, the rain stopped and the temperatures rose, we headed out to try our hand at some bass fishing. A...

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Second Annual Spring Moose fest

The Second Annual Spring Moose Festival took place in Lyons Falls, NY on the Moose River. The local Fire Department supplied breakfasts and dinners, along with a silent auction and photos from the day for sale. Boaters from all over enjoyed the weekend, entertainment and WW2 Flame Thrower, that’s...

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Countdown for Lapland Take Two

Just in time before the take off to the second Lapland wave-hunt trip I quickly edited the last two wave clips from our trip in 2010. I´m so excited to see what waves we`ll find this year. Keep the fingers crossed for good waterlevels! The second wave last year was the Åretsvågen (=Wave of the...

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Rio Suarez

Mark Hentze on the Upper Rio Suarez

The Rio Suarez travels 172 kilometers between Fúquene lake and the confluence with the Rio Chicamocha. Fúquene lake has an altitude of 3,700 meters and at the confluence with the Chicamocha the altitude is 700 meters. The watershed is large and there are many class four and five runs on the Rio...

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A Different Spring...

Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Heard of it? Didn't think so. The Soo is a little canadian steel town between Lake Superior and Lake Huron, about 700 km east of the Ottawa River with it's world famous Play and the same distance south-west of Thunder Bay, which at least in Canada is known as an excellent...

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Big boat small river.  Photo by Natalie Kramer.

Trying out the new boats

Natalie and I recently received our new boats for this year (Detox L and Big Bang), and this weekend was our first chance to try them out. We paddled a quick lap on the Poudre, which was running very low, to get a taste for how they handled technical runs, and then we headed over to Gore Canyon,...

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Spring Playboating and Harpers Ferry Film Fest

Photo by: Maggie O'brien This spring has been epic on the east coast of the US. We have had high water most weekends from March until now, making plenty of opportunities to catch great new rivers and plenty of classic favorites. Good friend of mine and fellow team paddler, Bobby Miller, and I have...

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Northwest Update

All the rivers are running in the NW and its festival time here. May 14th & 15th is the Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival, and we just had the NW Creeking Comp. The Creek Comp went off with epic water and a all around great time! Here are some pics from the event. Thanks Fluid for becoming a...

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Top Yough Race and Big Falls Hucking!

Heading out into western Maryland early in the morning, I was pretty stoked to be doing some early season racing on an old favorite, the Top Yough. The Top Yough is one of the classic Class 4-4+ creeky run in the Mid-Atlantic region. My enthusiasm quickly started dissipating when we started...

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