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An Urban 1st Descent

An early morning mission It is not every day that you get to kayak in the middle of an urban area especially in the NW. But recently some NW Fluid team members did exactly that! The plan was set in motion with an email from a friend of mine Paddler Nate. Nate an engineer on a construction job...

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The year ends busy...

After spending a few weeks back home in Germany visiting friends and family and getting my papers sorted for my move to Canada my boating life got busy again! I spent less than two weeks in Sault Ste Marie, where I'll be spending my first winter in Canada, then headed off to a long and amazing Grand...

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Autumn report

It's honestly a bit hard to start to write something fun with shitty blabla as I was used to do, but this one comes right after the previous post of Celliers about our team mate Hendri Coetzee... We are all floating on the same river called LIFE. RIP Hendri * As usual I didn't write news since a...

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Tribute to Hendri Coetzee

Hendri walked into my office a couple of years ago, asking for sponsorship. By that time we knew about each other for a while already, but haven't met yet. My answer was an obvious yes, his reputation for running the hardest stuff was already growing. Since then a close relationship grew between...

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Video : enjoying Fall on the White Salmon

This year's PDX Kayaker Film Fest turned out to be another success with a lot of great entries! I had the pleasure of working on the winning entry with producer Skip Armstrong. Check out his awesome work! Kayaking the White Salmon River, Autumn - Kate Wagner from The Banks Mag on Vimeo....

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Pacific Northwest Huckfest 2010: Part 2

Since I had flown all the way out to Oregon, I wanted to paddle some runs that were off the beaten path and avoid the local after-work type runs as much as possible (such as the Green Truss and the Little White). Not that these aren't great runs but they have been done so many times that a trip...

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Season's done. Time to play!

I'm already back home in Germany, trying to get my life sorted before heading to the Grand Canyon and finally moving to Canada. As I'm trying to do all this I can't help but look at the pictures of the last two weeks before I left. After closing down OWL Rafting, where I once again had an amazing...

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The Large Detox is out. Time to reclaim the fun factor!

Hi there, This video introduces Fluid's new kayak, the large Detox. Showing our team paddlers in their heroic exploits around the globe is always a great eye-candy, but in fact not 100% relevant when you're on the market looking for your next kayak. So we tried something a bit different here,...

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Kanu Messe report, new Element L and Detox L

Hi all, As usual, the big and ever-growing Kanu Messe happened early october in the city of Nurnberg, Germany. As usual (bis), it's been a good show for Fluid. As usual (ter), we have been introducing a few neat new boats and accessories. Element Large The much acclaimed Element now comes in a Large...

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Colorado Late Season Festivals III: Glenwood Ender

For the last of the easy-to-digest chunks of my series on Colorado late season festivals, here is a writeup about the Glenwood Ender. If you recall from last time, Conor Flynn demolished me at the Gore race. I partly blame Dan Glauser, because he didn't let me borrow his Detox, but that's fair...

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