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Colorado Late Season Festivals III: Glenwood Ender

For the last of the easy-to-digest chunks of my series on Colorado late season festivals, here is a writeup about the Glenwood Ender. If you recall from last time, Conor Flynn demolished me at the Gore race. I partly blame Dan Glauser, because he didn't let me borrow his Detox, but that's fair...

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Colorado Late Season Festivals II: Gore race

This is the second entry in my series of Colorado late season festivals. The festival for this writeup is the Gore race. Last year, I had a great Gore race, and ended up taking fourth in the creekboat class. This inspired a rivalry between me and my friend Conor Flynn, since the year before that, he...

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Colorado Late Season Festivals I: Bailey fest

The season here in Colorado is wrapping down, but it's definitely not over yet. There has been a steadily increasing number of whitewater festivals in Colorado in the fall. That number isn't increasing all that quickly, but it is increasing. Right now it's at about three. Maybe in a couple years...

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Ibrahim Magumba promo video from the White Nile

Hey all, I just got an email from Jamie Simpson, Kayak The Nile's founder, who has been a Fluid ambassador and strong supporter for many years. Jamie just shared this link to a video of Ibrah, Fluid paddler as well, who learnt to paddle on the Nile and now works as an instructor there. Ibrah won the...

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A freestyle paddling trip to the North of Europe

How did we come up with this idea? Well to start from the beginning we have to go back to Uganda and the White Nile last winter where we met the very nice couple Kristiina Anttila aka Krisse and Tuomas Vaarala from Rovaniemi (Finland). And they both told us about the awesome waves in northern...

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Leif in Canyon, Photo by natalie

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

I think that one of the neatest canyons in the world is the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. This canyon is 830m (2,722ft) at its deepest and its narrowest rim to rim distance is only 335m (1,100ft). This means that the canyon is 2.5 times as tall as it is wide! It is simply incredible to be at the...

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Craig 35' Inxu Photo Reinders

Scotty's 2010 South African Season (A photo essay)

2010 has been a great season for me. With almost all South African rivers being rainfall dependent it often requires a paddler to put in a considerable amount of effort and travelling in order to get quality whitewater. I've been lucky enough to have the time to chase the rain around the country....

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C-1 Nemesis in action

Here are a couple videos of me having fun in my nemesis. I recently returned from a creeking trip to new york with north american team manager Bobby Miller and will hopefully have an edit from that trip in the not too distant future as well. This first video is a little (C-1) playboating edit of...

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Spring and summer news

Once again, I didn't write news for a while... Yep, but this time, I was busy... No joke!!!! Since the biggining of May when I was back in my kayak after my shitty collarbone surgery, I spend quite all my time kayaking and working as river guide. Actually, enjoy all days long my ass in the river!!!!...

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Kimberley Mini Film Now Online!

Hey Guys, Check out the mini film I made on the 2010 Kimberley Expedition, its around 8 mins and its aimed at a broad audience, not just boaters! There is still no shortage of action, and it aim's to share the area and the issues facing the Kimberley. Enjoy...

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