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These are our African ambassadors. You might well come accross one of them launching the latest move on the White Nile spots, charging down the massive Zambezi river, surfing the great South African waves, or leading an expedition in the most remote parts of the continent. Of course you can stop by and say hi, it's always appreciated. But in all honesty, hippos and crocos should be your main concern while you're out there.


Adrian Tregoning AdrianTportrait.jpg
  • Something about myself: In December 1999 I rafted the Zambezi and saw kayaking. From that moment on I knew I wanted to try it. After a third party claim from a car accident where I compressed my neck a bit, I bought my first boat in 2004. I’ve been sponsored by Fluid since 2007. I love the sport, the great people and the amazing places it takes you to. The sport level with kayaking for me, in terms of love, is windsurfing - freestyle and wave sailing. When not kayaking or sailing you’ll find me fly fishing, hiking, bodyboarding or taking photos. Must keep gills wet!
  • Years kayaking: Since 2004.
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Mechanical engineer. Sometimes I scrape a few pennies from photos too.
  • Kayaks: Large Solo, large Detox, medium Nemesis, medium composite Element, and probably the Big Bang soon too.
  • Favourite kayak: Tough one. Either my trusty large Solo, or else the composite Element. In fact, I may go for the Element.
  • Discipline: Staying upright – usually river running, surf kayaking and some mild creeking. I’m not much of a playboater. Overnight trips/expeditions are my favourite form of boating.
  • Favourite discipline: If the waves are good, surf kayaking. If the river and crew are right, a fun medium to big volume river run.
  • Favourite quote: "How could I know, that the days that passed along was life itself?" - Steinar "Ibsen" Willassen
  • Website address: http://adrian.playak.com/ and http://www.atphotography.co.za/

AdrianTboating1.jpg AdrianTlifestyle1.jpg AdrianTboating2.jpg


Andrew Kellett b2tk6l64.jpg
  • Something about myself: My name is Andrew.
  • Years kayaking: Forever.
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Adventure operator.
  • Kayaks: Solo, Detox, Nemesis, Element.
  • Favourite kayak: All of them.
  • Discipline: All forms of kayaking.
  • Favourite discipline: All of them.
  • Favourite quote: "The river Called. The call is the thundering rumble of distant rapids, the intimate roar of white water…a primeval summons to primordial values." - John J. Craighead
  • Website address: http://www.gravity.co.za

Andrew_Sumatra_09_CK_00__894_.jpg Andrew_kellet_life.jpg o12ty9fv.jpg


Andrew Pollock IMG_7060.jpg
  • Something about myself: My name is Andrew.
  • Years kayaking: Forever.
  • Location: My country - Durban, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Underwear model.
  • Kayaks: Fluid.
  • Favourite kayak: All of them.
  • Discipline: All forms of kayaking.
  • Favourite discipline: All of them.
  • Favourite quote: "The first river you paddle runs through the rest of your life. It bubbles up in pools and eddies to remind you who you are." - Lynn Noel
  • Website address: http://paddleblogs.com/andrewpoll/

SA paddler double page spread.jpeg AD Rapid magazine.jpg Detox_Swazi_088.jpg


Craig Rivett P1070256.JPG
  • Something about myself: As far back as I can remember I have constantly been driven towards the outdoors, and kayaking has been the primary means for me to experience the natural environment. Growing up in a small city very close to a river has allowed paddling to be part of my life. Currently I am completing my studies in Cape Town and will therefore be spending my winters kayaking the rivers and ocean waves that the wet season brings this part of the world.
  • Years kayaking: Most of my life.
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Student.
  • Kayaks: Solo, Element, Nemesis and Detox.
  • Favourite kayak: M Solo.
  • Discipline: Creeking.
  • Favourite discipline: Creeking.
  • Favourite quote: All men die, but not all men live
  • Website address: http://www.lifebywater.com

craig_50___inxu.jpg 100_5337.JPG DSC_0928.JPG


Deon Breytenbach Deon_profile.jpg
  • Something about myself: I was working holidays on a lodge on the banks of the lower Blyde River from when I was 15, guiding fishing and birdwatching (the kind with feathers and beaks) trips. my boss asked if I would like to join in on one of the first rafting tirps down the Blyde Canyon. After that first trip down the canyon I was hooked. The next holiday came and there where 2 kayaks a Topolino + Kendo, the kayaks looked way more fun than my inflatble Ark KY1 (inflatable kayak). In 1999 I bought a Wavesport X and since then I have spent the majority of my days on the water smiling.
  • Years kayaking: 15.
  • Location: Blyde River, Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Ops manager and Training Instructor for Blyde Adventure Camp.
  • Kayaks: Detox m, Nemesis m, Element m .
  • Favourite kayak: It is tough but the Detox.
  • Discipline: Very little (handpaddling, freestyle, creeking, river running, instruction).
  • Favourite discipline: Handpaddling (creek/freestyle) Freestyle/down river freestyle.
  • Favourite quote: Memento Mori (it means “remember you are mortal”, it reminds me everyday that I will die, thus motivating me to have as much fun as possible).
  • Website address: www.extremelimpopo.com or http://paddleblogs.com/deon/

Dec_2010_209.jpg Dec_2010_035.jpg deon_terminator.JPG


Hugh du Preez Hugh.jpg
  • Something about myself: My name is Hugh
  • Years kayaking: Forever.
  • Location: Parys, Freestate, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Kayak instructor & swiftwater rescue.
  • Kayaks: Solo, Detox, Nemesis, Big Bang.
  • Favourite kayak: Big Bang.
  • Discipline: Creeking, Expedition.
  • Favourite discipline: Expedition.
  • Favourite quote: "The rivers flow not past, but through us, thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fiber and cell of the substance of our bodies, making them glide and sing." - John Muir.
  • Website address: http://www.whitewatertraining.co.za/

Sumatra_09_CK_00__409_.jpg                                Sumatra_09_CK_00__903_.jpg


Jamie Simpson Picture_164.jpg
  • Something about myself: I started kayaking in Scotland as I grew up round some of the most stunning mountains and rivers. My father and close friends were downriver racers and after a brief stint at slalom I realised it was a bit too serious and recreational white water kayaking was what I wanted to be doing. From a young age I was thrown down white water well beyond my abilities by my brothers and I soon moved into the coaching scheme and worked as a kayak coach all over the world in Inland kayaking and Sea kayaking. After a brief stint o the Zambezi I moved to Uganda, fell in love with the place and have been based on the White Nile for the past ten years. After working as a raft guide, video boater and operations manager for various rafting companies, I set up a kayaking company called Kayak the Nile. Starting off with just a few old kayaks we have now developed into one of the busiest and fastest growing kayaking companies not only on the continent but around the World. We have 8 full time staff members and a fleet of over 60 kayaks and run around 4,500 clients on the river each year (mostly in fluid boats)!! I started working with Fluid from the outset as they were an extremely motivated and forward thinking company that was supporting Ugandan kayaking from grassroots. They made it clear that they didn’t want to just sponsor the freestyle fairies and paddlers with huge egos they wanted to sponsor and work with companies and individuals that are true ambassadors for the sport. Through their support they have helped many of our young Ugandan kayakers travel the World, develop their kayaking and realise opportunities that would have never been possible.
  • Years kayaking: 22.
  • Location: Jinja, Uganda.
  • Occupation: Owner/operator of Kayak the Nile (U) Ltd.
  • Kayaks: Nemesis and Spice.
  • Favourite kayak: Nemesis, but The Spice is a fantastic teaching boat and all rounder. We do have every white water boat fluid has made in store though so they all get used every day..
  • Discipline: Coaching/river running/freestyle.
  • Favourite discipline: Freestyle.
  • Favourite quote: “Do one thing every day that scares you” (Hendri Coetzee).
  • Website address: http://www.kayakthenile.com/

Picture_001.jpg Picture_161.jpg Picture_162.jpg


Jan van der Walt jan1.jpg
  • Something about myself: I stated paddling when I was 16 (1996) here on the Vaal river in Parys. It was mostly in two man rafts with corporate groups. After finishing school I went into guiding for a short while before going on to study further. I got back into paddling in 2006, but this time in a kayak and have been having the best days ever since. I joined Fluid Kayaks in April 2010.
  • Years kayaking: Since 2006.
  • Location: Parys, Free State, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Marketing manager and Customer Service.
  • Kayaks: Nemesis, Element, Detox and Buddy.
  • Favourite kayak: Detox.
  • Discipline: River running and freestyle.
  • Favourite discipline: Freestyle.
  • Favourite quote: "Have the best day ever!" – Hendri Coetzee
  • Website address: http://www.fluidkayaks.com/

jan3.jpg jan4.jpg jan2.jpg


Kate Walton kate1.jpg
  • Something about myself: My introduction to kayaking was unforgettably eventful thanks to a good dose of 'ignorance is bliss'. Over the years I have given many fellow paddlers grey hairs, but my enjoyment of the sport has never faltered. I learn something new every time I put a paddle in the water and when I'm not on the river, I am dreaming about the next time I will be. I look forward to many more mornings watching the sun rise over the river in anticipation of a day's excitement, and I look forward to many more nights under the stars after a great day's kayaking. I am proudly South African and proudly paddling a South African product.
  • Years kayaking: 6.
  • Location: Elgin, Western Cape, South Africa.
  • Occupation: River Guiding and Farming.
  • Kayaks: Solo, Nemesis and Detox.
  • Favourite kayak: Detox.
  • Discipline: River Running, Explorative and Creeking.
  • Favourite discipline: Expedition.
  • Favourite quote: The more you can love about life, the more life will entertain you.

kate3.jpg kate4.jpg kate2.jpg


Luke Longridge IMG_3367.jpg
  • Something about myself: I began paddling K1 when I was 12, and although I didn't really enjoy it, I kept it up for a few years. When I was 15 I was intoduced to plastic, learned to roll, and that was the last time I ever paddled a K1. There's probably nothing I don't love about kayaking, and I try to paddle at least twice a week. I enjoy paddling everything - freestyle, big water, creeking, multiday expeditions, but my favourite is to run anything steep and intimidating. I've been paddling Fluid by choice since the company started, and it's great to be sponsored by a company that makes such great boats.
  • Years kayaking: 11.
  • Location: Parys, Free State, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Geologist/professional student.
  • Kayaks: Nemesis, Solo, Big Bang.
  • Favourite kayak: Large Solo.
  • Discipline: Creeking, big water, freestyle, expedition.
  • Favourite discipline: Creeking.
  • Favourite quote: In travelling, a companion. In life, compassion.
  • Website address: www.adrian.playak.com (I blog to Adrian's site).

DSC_0215a.JPG Zambezi_07_2146.JPG Exif_JPEG_PICTURE


Pierre van Niekerk IMG_2354.JPG
  • Something about myself: I stared K1 paddling because I liked a girl that was also doing K1, and then K1 left her. After we had been dating for a while she left me, while we were paddling, for a freestyle kayaker. I was so heartbroken. At that moment I just flipped over and went down the river for a few days, in my birthday suite, travelling miles through rapids and drops. By the time the river reached the ocean I had an epiphany. I SHALL BECOME ONE WITH THE VEINS OF THE WORLD. And they now call me River Jaja! Actually I am just a quiet guy working behind the scenes at Fluid Kayaks.
  • Years kayaking: 2.
  • Location: Parys, Free State, South Africa.
  • Occupation: Production Manager.
  • Kayaks: Nemesis and Solo Expedition.
  • Favourite kayak: Solo Expedition.
  • Discipline: Creeking, river running, multi day and freestyle.
  • Favourite discipline: Creeking.
  • Favourite quote: "Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing- absolutely nothing- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats" - Kenneth Grahame.
  • Website address: www.fluidkayaks.com