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Yes, true, we don't have that many team paddlers in China, Pakistan, India or other Asian countries, so naming this area "Australasia" might be a bit exagerated. In fact most of our team members come from Australia and New Zealand. But hey, we do have a plan to conquer the world and it says that we shouldn't neglect 3.5 billion potential customers. We're not quite sure yet of where to put the tens of thousands of containers of boats that it would represent but anyway - here is our "australASIAN" team.


Adrian Kiernan AdrianK.jpg
  • Something about myself: Have you ever wanted keep that sensation of complete focus? Those few seconds where absolutely nothing is more important that what you are doing... Right NOW. Hearing the world roar and tremble around you. That's my addiction, an addiction that takes me around the world and has grasped me like any drug addict would grasp their next hit, but in this world, the other addicts dont want to quit and nor do I. This is a world where everyone I meet is like minded, highly motivated by exploration and environmentally conscious. Its like being born into a family - A family based completely around "Fluid". Kayaking for me used to be all about the big air and scary drops, but that has changed over time after some life changing events on the river. To stay true to kayaking i had to find a way to keep paddling new and changing constantly. This meant loosing some of the focus on going as big as possible all the time, pushing myself to explore the many wonderous locations that are accesable to paddlers only. I got into film the very same year i began traveling with my kayak. It was a way of documenting the corners of the globe i had been lucky enough to explore with my closest friends. Things have not changed, except maybe some of the camera and editing equipment.
  • Years kayaking: since 2003.
  • Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  • Occupation: Media Productions - Rafting / safety kayaking.
  • Kayaks: Solo M, Nemesis M, Element M.
  • Favourite kayak: Solo M.
  • Discipline: Creeking & Freestyle.
  • Favourite discipline: Creeking (Oh Yeah).
  • Favourite quote: "An expedition that cannot be planned on the back of a used envelope, is over organised" - Bill Tillman
  • Website address: www.whiteboxmag.com - www.skippyfilms.com - www.goboatingaus.blogspot.com

_DLK4179.jpg 168057_10150383951565338_683295337_16765915_225190_n.jpg OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Lachie Carracher profilesmall.jpg
  • Something about myself: For the last 5 years I have been traveling the world and paddling some of the worlds most amazing rivers. I started whitewater kayaking through my high school in country Australia where it is very dry, I started to train for to make the Australian Freestyle team as a Jnr when I was 16, I made the team and have been lucky enough to compete at Penrith, Ottawa and Thun freestyle worlds. I have finished the freestyle competition chapter of my life and now focus more on river exploration, for the last couple of years I have put allot of my energy and time in the exotic rivers of Asia and remote parts of Australia, now my focus has changed again. I am now heading out to North America to my name on some of the big classic runs and have side trips to South America with a focus on big drops and big waves.
  • Years kayaking: 8.
  • Location: Melbourne (for the moment) Victoria, Australia.
  • Occupation: Anything that pays, tinting window, selling photos, writing articles, fencing and winemaking (and that just this year in the last 8 weeks).
  • Kayaks: Fluid solo large, Fluid Nemesis medium.
  • Favourite kayak: Large solo, it can take on anything.
  • Discipline: Big wave surfing, waterfalls, exploration, expeditions.
  • Favourite discipline: Waterfall riding.
  • Favourite quote: “It is hard to know the difference between irrational fear and instinct, but fortunate is he who can.” - Hendri Coetzee
  • Website address: www.follow-the-river.com

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