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Spring in the Kootenays


Okay, I guess to start it off… Not the Kootenays.

Cause before spring in the Kootenays there was actually winter in BC… Which besides world class snurfing on red mountain also meant a trip to Vancouver Island.

I had never been and was pretty stoked to spend a week and a half with family and friends while being able to get quite a few runs and surf sessions on Canada’s most popular beaches in. Now the Island is a great winter destination for boaters, beautiful remote creeks through lush rain forests when everywhere else snow dominates.

I am already planning to be back there next winter, hopefully for longer and with a keen crew.

Well, I guess the only downside to this kind of destination is that rain is great for rivers but not cameras. So this shot of Little Qualicum Falls is the only boating shot I got. Thanks to Alex Perrett and his crew for getting me out to this sick and comitting 20/35 combo on my last day on the island!

Definitely one of the sweetest moves I’ve done in a while.

Now. Back to the Kootenays.

We kinda moved here for the variety of things to do. True, the Ottawa was sick for the last summers, but as far as life after and beside the summer mayhem goes it is a little challenging.

Now the Kootenays, located in South Central British Columbia may not have the Ottawa but offer freestyle, creeking, biking, wicked skiing and as far as Rossland is concerned a great community.

And just recently I realized that they also offer solid waves, bigger and better than I expected.

Brilliant Wave is starting to form, getting bigger, faster and greener by the day.

So what’s weird with this picture?


There is nobody in it! How good are eddy access waves without line up!


And at least right now spectators are rare, though curious.


Oh. Right. Did I say it’s a good one?






Yes sir, it has some meat to it.



And apparently cold water paddling does not make either of us look smarter…

Kootenay Boundary A-20120412-00125

To finish it off I`ll leave you with an appetizer for the creeking potential in this area. Clean 60 twenty minutes from my house. Just a little more water and…

We’ll see.



Author: Sven Perschmann

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