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Leif and Natalie Colorado video

The water is low in Colorado this season, but if you have the right mindset, that just opens up new possibilities. Natalie and I spent the last week traveling around, getting all kinds of creeks at a time in the season that they are normally no good. We got the Crystal punchbowls, which normally run a little earlier, as well as the infamous second gorge of Lime creek, which is usually a late season run, as well as a whole bucket of other fun stuff between those extremes. Here is a video I put together with the footage we collected.

We were shooting as much footage as we could of Natalie, in preparation for a video entry for the Whitewater Grand Prix. A lot has changed since we made her promo video last fall. Now we need more waterfalls. The Bazooka was definitely a handy weapon to have in the arsenal.



There was not much snow left up in the mountains when we visited the Great Sand Dunes.


For a more in-depth description of our adventures filming this video, check out the full article on our blog. Wish us luck with the water levels for the rest of the season.

Author: Leif Anderson

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