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Stoked on the Dope


In middle of June I finally picked up my very own Dope and since then it has been one big Dopin' fest. We met up with Da Germans in Idaho and spent a day working on McNasties in the Main Salmon, then booked it up to Skookumchuck for a late June week long surf bonanza prior to making the yearly pilgrimage to the great and mighty Slave River.

"Da Germans" refers to fellow team paddler Markus and his partner Maria, who quit their jobs and are touring North America for a year kayaking while raising money for charity. They've got a nice home in a van and are going all over the place: Ottawa, the East Coast, the West Coast, the Grand Canyon, the Slave, South America and etc. Although I admit I'm a wee bit jealous of their plans for this year, I can't complain because I don't have it too bad myself. I'm currently chillaxin on the Slave River while getting my surf on.

I really like the Dope. It is much faster than the Nemesis and is much looser which makes it easier for me to rotate my moves. Suddenly the McNasty is now a trick that I can do and I am sticking way more of my blunts and back blunts.

Thanks Fluid for a really nice boat.




Such Steez!


Markus is totally stoked on his dope.


Double Dopin'


Just a nice shot


Markus demonstrates that the second wave can dish up the goods as well.


Skook is so gosh darn beautiful. We were sad to leave.


But we are now excited to be on one of the best rivers of all time... The SLAVE!


and most powerful... (first D in the dope, rapid yet to be named because I can't make up my mind...)




Keep it cool! More photos of the Slave and of Skook can be found on our blog. Click here for a google maps guide to the Slave River Rapids.

Author: Natalie Kramer

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