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Adrian Kiernan - Norway Photo Update

Hay guys,
what can i say, i have been so luck to have had such an amazing season this year in norway! I've been super fortunate that i have been able to see so much of the country, paddle and learn from some amazing boaters and blessed with good water levels. I will be leaving norway in a few weeks from now and still have a  few of runs i am disappointed i have not been able to do. I must not be greedy, its just gives me something to come back for!
Cant say how pumped i am with the new boat too. The Bozooka absolutely shreds, Its super fast, very stable and forgiving in pushy water, but definitely likes to be thrown around.
Anyhow hope you enjoy some pics and Go-Pro freezes from the last month here in norway. 
Stay tuned for my next update on whiteboxmag.com - I think this next one might just be the best one yet!
Paddle hard friend but stay safe. The river will always be there for you to come back and paddle another day....
Hanging onto the draw as i roll over a perfect lip on the Usteani 15m falls 
Usteani from the bottom, Stoked to get a super good line on this drop.
Tucking it in good and tight for what turned out to be a super soft hit on Kittlebreaker falls.
Double drop on the Teigdal - One of the most perfect falls sets i have ever run. Intimidating on your first lap :-)
Very Impressive horizon line on the lake to lake combo - voss
Etna offers a sweet run and a perfect waterfall. Be warned the landing may be a little shallow!
Running the "Portage" on the lower California section in Telemark. With the right flows this becomes such a perfect stack of drops!!!
Getting some air time on the Hytterfossen on the Gaula river- Sur-Trondelag
Felling very small and insignificant on a high flow Jori mission
First drop of the Lower Rauma. Maybe my favourite run in norway!
Sorry, more go pro shots. I was the man behind the camera that day as usual!
Beautiful combo on the Horndola, Big boof into slide. 

Author: Adrian Kiernan

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