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Dope! Stony Fest and Valley Falls

So I've got some cool pics of the Dope in my local lake that my brother Sean Chapelle took on his 60D and I wanted to share them. This boat has some POP! :)

Getting super psyched for World Cup starting next weekend. Wish me luck!

Cartwheel Sequence

Sequence I edited - Photographer - Sean Chapelle




And here's a little Freewheel at Valley Falls

VF freewheel

Photo by Sean

Stoney Fest was a fun time this year. Bobby, Melissa, Adam and I rocked the fluid booth there. Bobby and I competed in the freestyle and boater-x events which were both a great time. I ended up finishing first in the freestyle.

Fluid Booth at Stoney Fest

Setting up the Fluid Booth at Stoney

Competing at Stoney Fest

Competing in the freestyle. Photo by- Dale Briggs Footage

That's all for now. Like I said I'm leaving to compete in the World Cup for Freestyle. I'll be giving updates about the event afterwards. Wish me luck please! :)


Author: Seth Chapelle

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