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DoItNow Last year, Fluid put out a new whitewater sit on top called the Do It Now. The idea was to take the phenomenal creek boat hull of the Bazooka and convert it into a craft that is extremely stable and forgiving but also high performance. What they created was the greatest sit on top of all time! The boat will literally take a total beginner and give them the ability to run Class 3 water on the first time out. We got to test this theory several times over the last year with several first timers and they all did great on popular mid-Atlantic intermediate runs like the Lower Yough and the Cheat Narrows. I had several opportunities to paddle the Do It Now last summer and I must say that I am extremely impressed with it. I ran it over waterfalls like Swallow Falls, Kanawha Falls, and Ohiopyle Falls. Sean Chapelle and I also took a trip down the standard Class 4 run of the region, the Upper Yough. The boat performed great in all situations. This is a boat that everyone can have fun in. It is the type of boat that can take beginners to new heights and also provide a great amount of enjoyment for expert paddlers. Here are my impressions of the boat's characteristics: OhiopyleDoItNow

Speed - The speed of this boat is good for its size and it is quick to get up to speed.

Maneuverability - This boat is extremely maneuverable! It turns with ease, is able to carve a turn, and accelerates into the next move.


Comfort - The seat it comfortable to sit in and the plastic rises in the back to give a nice back-rest. The thigh straps can be tightened to give you a secure fit for high performance or a loose fit for a relaxing float.

Boofing - The boofing ability of this boat is very good. It is easy to keep the bow up when launching off a drop and it will rocket off a boulder when you line it up.


Stability and Rolling - This boat is very stable, which allows new paddlers to feel confident when entering rapids. While not as easy as a regular kayak to roll, it is still not very hard to bring the boat upright if it flips.

Surfing - The boat is very stable in a side surf and spins quickly when trying 360's. It will front surf well too on a smooth wave.


Draining - The drain holes are placed well to drain water quickly and keep the paddler from sitting in water while they paddle.

Storage - There is a large storage compartment to store gear with a screw-on hatch for easy access.

Do It Now pic2

Photos by Matt Sloan, Bruce Mulligan, and Logan Masters

DO IT NOW!!! from Fluid Kayaks on Vimeo.

Author: Bobby Miller

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